Transforaminal Endoscopic Discectomy

Transforaminal Endoscopic Discectomy

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  • Transforaminal endoscopic discectomy removes portions of herniated or bulging disc(s) that are pressing on a nerve root or the spinal cord.
  • This minimally invasive procedure removes vertebrae fragments through a natural opening in the spine known as Kambin's Triangle.
  • The team at American Spine discusses what pain conditions may benefit from a transforaminal endoscopic discectomy.

The team of highly skilled surgeons specialize in an array of with endoscopic and minimally invasive spine surgeries, including but not limited to:

  • Endoscopic Foraminotomy
  • Endoscopic Decompression
  • Endoscopic Laminotomy
  • Transforaminal Endoscopic Discectomy
  • Percutaneous Discectomy

A transforaminal endoscopic discectomy is usually performed on those with herniated or damaged spinal discs that are putting pressure on nerves in the spine or the spinal cord. This can cause immense neck, back or leg pain, and numbness, tingling, weakness, and other uncomfortable symptoms.

If you’re feeling any of these symptoms, you may want to see a specialist, like the ones at American Spine, for treatment. Moreover, if you’ve been diagnosed with the following conditions, you may be considered a candidate for transforaminal endoscopic discectomy:

  • Degenerative disc disease (DDD)
  • Sciatica from a bulging or herniated disc
  • Chronic back or neck pain from a herniated disc

Transforaminal endoscopic discectomy utilizes an endoscope to locate and safely remove damaged discs without harming healthy tissue. As a result, there is minimal blood loss, a quicker recovery time for the patient, and less post-operative pain.

The pain management specialists and spine surgeons at American Spine value patient integrity and satisfaction. This is evident in the services they provide patients for quickly and efficiently reducing chronic back, neck and leg pain!

If you are suffering from some of the pain conditions mentioned, or chronic pain in general, please call American Spine! We will evaluate your symptoms and conditions and help design a treatment plan that is best for you!

At American Spine, we are dedicated to treating chronic pain and spine conditions. Offering the latest in minimally invasive spine surgery and other effective treatment options, American Spine is the leading pain physician group of California. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call us at (951)-734-PAIN (7246).

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