Too Much Sitting Causes Too Much Pain

Too Much Sitting Causes Too Much Pain

It seems like Americans are doing more sitting than any other activity during the day. We sit on our commute to and from work, when we have dinner, when we watch TV, surf the web, and read before bedtime. A survey suggests that people actually spend around fifteen and a half hours sitting each day. At American Spine, we want to help our patients live happy, pain free lives. We urge our patients to apply the information and direction of the physicians and medical staff. This starts with posture.

Esther Gokhale, a trained biochemist at Princeton University, and author of “8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back,” explains the core responsibility of back pain as bad posture. For many Americans, sitting at a desk all day almost always leads to back, neck, and/or shoulder discomfort. Piles of work, increased stress, and poor seat positioning can cause aches and make you more vulnerable to injury.

Ms. Gokhale states that most office workers sit in a slumped, C-shaped back, or an arched S-shaped position. Her goal, as the acclaimed “posture guru of Silicon Valley”, is to return her students’ spine to and upright, relaxed, J-shaped posture.

In her class, Ms. Gokhale rolls the hunched shoulders up, and gradually brings them down. She then re-centers her students’ heads over the spine. As a result of her work, students have an elongated spine that maintain good posture comfortably.

A research study published in The British Journal of Sports Medicine concluded that prolonged sitting is directly correlated with obesity, abnormal metabolism, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and many more debilitating diseases.

Your body becomes confused when you sit all day. It causes the muscle’s electrical activity to slow down and your body is only burning about one calorie per minute (one third of what it burns when walking).

To avoid further risk and potential spinal disorder, try adjusting your workday to better ease tension on your back and spine. Try to get up every twenty minutes to either go to the bathroom, print a document, take a phone call, etc. Even stand up and stretch every half hour. Bending and twisting your spine can release toxins that get trapped and increase blood flow.

Adjust your work routine and commute to better support and relieve pressure on your spine. If you suffer from back pain or any spine condition, call and schedule an appointment today!

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