TENS Units for Chronic Pain

TENS Units for Chronic Pain

While transcutaneous electronic nerve stimulation (TENS) units have been a staple of chronic pain management for some time, there are recent advances that bring this simple tool into the digital age. The team at American Spine & American Spine use treatments like TENS units in conjunction with other clinical treatments to help give patients the best outcome possible.

TENS units have been used to supplement other treatment options for chronic pain patients and to reduce the amount and frequency of prescription pain medications they are taking. Electrotherapy, which is essentially just electrical stimulation of the body, can be a beneficial treatment for some with chronic pain disorders. The body’s pain signals are effectively blocked through gentle electronic pulses and many find their pain symptoms relieved.

Historically, TENS units have been expensive to use, but recently, large tech companies and healthcare entities like IcyHot have jumped on the TENS unit bandwagon to create products that are affordable for chronic pain patients.

The IcyHot model is a small, wearable device that can be customized for higher or lower electrical frequency depending on your pain.

Philips has recently come out with a TENS unit that is iPhone enabled and works through Bluetooth. The app on the phone allows you to choose your settings, and the phone will keep a record of your treatment.

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