Stroke Pain: Managing CPSP

Stroke Pain: Managing CPSP

According to research, one in ten patients who suffered a stroke develop chronic pain called central poststroke pain syndrome (CPSP). Patients with CPSP describe their pain as stabbing or burning, which can often be treated with medications or electrical stimulation therapy. CPSP is a neuropathic condition that usually develops as a response to damage to the central nervous system.

Dr. Sial and the entire team at American Spine are dedicated to relieving pain and restoring function to chronic pain patients in the least invasive way possible. If non-invasive and minimally invasive techniques to do provide improvement, surgical intervention may be appropriate. Stroke pain is an unfortunate result for patients who have suffered the incident. However, our team is equipped with the best treatments and therapies to promptly and effectively relieve pain.

Nerve pain associated with central poststroke pain syndrome usually develops within days or weeks of a stroke. Some patients develop symptoms of hyperpathia or allodynia. These symptoms describe painful reactions to stimuli such as light, touch, air currents, or temperature variances. Two-thirds of CPSP patients will report allodynia, according to the Loyola University Health System.

Central poststroke pain syndrome is among several types of stroke pain. Other symptoms including headaches and musculoskeletal pain can develop after suffering a stroke.

The most utilized drug treatments for CPSP are amitriptyline; an antidepressant, and lamotrigine; an anticonvulsant. If medication therapy does little to relieve poststroke pain, noninvasive treatment may be considered. Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a type of electrical stimulation treatment that sends currents to the brain, changing the way the brain perceives pain.

CPSP is a manageable condition. If you have suffered a stroke and are living with debilitating pain, contact and American Spine representative today. Don’t let pain control your life. Get treatment and get back doing the things you love.

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