Spring Cleaning Your Bathroom

Spring Cleaning Your Bathroom

April is rapidly coming to an end, leaving us with little time to finish our spring-cleaning duties. Reorganizing the home and getting rid of piling junk is freeing and almost liberating, but what about when it gives you back pain? At American Spine, we encourage patients to continue to do things in their normal routines, without compromising their health. Spring is a time to welcome the sunny, joyous summer season. Don’t spend it living in pain.

At American Spine, out team is committed to determining a correct diagnosis and recommending viable treatment options. Whether you have suffered back pain for years or want to see a specialist about a recent problem, we can help. American Spine has three locations across California, providing unprecedented care to suffering patients in surrounding communities.

Laundry, mopping, raking, gardening, cleaning; the list seams endless during this busy season. One of the most despised areas of the house is probably the bathroom. Cleaning this germ contaminated area requires a lot of bending and leaning forward to ensure hard to reach places are in fact reached. Here is a short list of some important cleaning tips that could improve the health of you back:

  1. Use the right tools. Use long handled scrubbers that reach into the toilet and bathtub to eliminate the need for you to stretch over and twist your back. When scrubbing, keep your legs shoulder-width apart and lean into your legs, not your arms. Keep your head up to avoid pain in your neck.
  2. Keep supplies handy. Have everything you need in one place so you are not running around your house. Having set products respective to each room is a good way to save time. Use a light carrying case so that you can reduce the number of times you need to run back and forth for supplies.
  3. Pace yourself. Instead of tackling the entire bathroom at one time, work in 15-minute intervals. Being cooped up in a small bathroom with multiple chemicals can be hot and unsafe. Tackle your toilet bowl and then break for 5 minutes. Tackle your sink and then break for another 5 minutes. And so on.
  4. Ask for help. Recruit some family members or friends for help. If you struggle with back pain, a friend can help by making trips to gather supplies, giving you enough time to regenerate and finish your job in a timely and effective manner.

You can use these tips in virtually any chore you are responsible for. Talk to Dr. Sial or anyone at American Spine to learn more tips to relieve back pain during your busy season.

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