Reduce Spring Cleaning Pains: Gardening

Reduce Spring Cleaning Pains: Gardening

While most of us would rather not be bothered with spring-cleaning responsibilities, it is a lot better to get it over with now than to wait until the summer. As the weather slowly warms up, outdoor activities will not only consist of winter sports. Gardening is one of the most rewarding activities, as you get to see your work bloom into beauty.

At American Spine, we encourage our patients to enjoy doing the things that they love. Sometimes, this may come at a price, but it doesn’t always have to. By practicing safe actions and using proper equipment, you can enjoy doing the things you love year round! American Spine has three locations in California, providing better access to the best pain care in the western United States.

You knees are at the greatest risk for injury while gardening. Many gardening tasks require much bending over, slouching down, and crouching. Patients should ensure that their knees are strong and stable, and able to support the body. The best way to protect your knees is to prepare for the spring by using strengthening exercises and stretching.

Tip: Use a kneeling pad or char/stool to work in the garden. Use long-handled tools to avoid straining the back. Strap-on kneepads may also help relieve stress to your joints. Use raised beds when gardening, making it easier to reach.

Lower back and upper back pain may ensure during gardening tasks. If you have suffered a herniated disc or torn muscle, gardening will be even more difficult and stressful. Just as knee pain, patients should exercise and stretch to prepare for their tasks both months before and minutes before engaging.

Tip: Avoid back pain with proper sitting, standing, and walking methods. Use a slight arch in your lower back while tensing your abdominal muscles. Use good posture when raking, shoveling, and hoeing. Be aware of your posture and back!

Fore more information on ways to reduce back pain and enjoy your spring-cleaning, contact an American Spine physician immediately.

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