Recharge-Free Spinal Cord Stimulator Gets FDA Approval

Recharge-Free Spinal Cord Stimulator Gets FDA Approval

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  • According to the National Pain Report, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new spinal cord stimulator (SCS) that does not require charging or upgrades.
  • Traditional SCS systems often need additional surgeries to upgrade the device or replace the battery.
  • The physicians at American Spine explain what patients can expect from this new SCS device.

Developed by St. Jude Medical, the new spinal cord stimulator is being hailed as the first and only of its kind for a number of reasons. First, the new device is considered “recharge-free,” which is something traditional SCS systems require regularly: recharging. Second, according to the company, the new SCS will have access to future stimulation waveforms and software updates with no need to go under the knife.

This benefit is considered a big deal because many of today’s SCS systems are built to meet the current needs of patients; meaning they lack in the “possibility for upgrades” department. If a new device were to come out, which happened a few months ago, patients would have to have surgery to get all the latest upgrades and features. Naturally, having to undergo surgery every time an upgrade came out would undoubtedly cut down on the patient’s overall health and financial stability.

Still, there have been some concerns about this new device. Although the idea of a non-rechargeable SCS system sounds convenient, that kind of technology has a history of being inefficient. SCS’s of this kind (non-rechargeable) would fizzle out after a few years, sometimes in less than 18 months. This was a problem for patients because they’d constantly require surgery to fix or replace the batteries of their device.

Therefore, when the first rechargeable SCS device was introduced to consumers in 2008, many people thought this feature was a major breakthrough for SCS technology. Regardless, if this new device is capable of executing these claims, patients with severe nerve pain may have the opportunity to live a flexible, pain-free life. The device, which has been named the Proclaim Elite recharge-free SCS system, has received approval from the FDA and it is being considered a low-maintenance option for chronic pain treatment.

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