Pain and the Holidays

Pain and the Holidays

The holidays are a wonderful time to attend festive parties, visit family and friends and/or travel for vacation. Sounds fun, right? To some, these scenarios may cultivate feelings of excitement and joy, but to others living with chronic pain, this could generate stress and increased pain. The pain management specialists at American Spine want you to enjoy this holiday season, not dread it. Therefore, the team is bringing you tips to manage your chronic pain symptoms this winter.

If you’re anxious about attending a holiday party or family dinner this season, try implementing these strategies to take charge of your pain: 1) know your limits 2) enlist the help of a holiday party monitor 3) pack enough pain medication.

Simple? Yes. But effective, nonetheless! Standing, talking and lots of walking could be uncomfortable for anyone, but for you, it’s probably pretty unbearable. We understand this time of year can take a serious toll on your body which is why following these simple steps could make a considerable difference in your overall holiday party/dinner experience.

Knowing your limits and knowing when to “call it quits” is important. If you’re uncomfortable resting on the couch or within the guest room of a host’s house, don’t be afraid to leave a little early and head home! You shouldn’t have to endure pain any longer than necessary. If you’re apprehensive about leaving the party early because you don’t want to come off “rude,” enlist the help of your holiday party monitor.

This individual should be a close friend or relative that understands your pain and can help you address your situation(s). He or she should be there to support your decisions, help you handle a tough situation appropriately, or just be there to provide “back-up” if needed! They could also help keep you on track with taking your medication, which leads us to our next point: pack enough pain medication.

The last thing anyone wants is for you to experience a pain episode with absolutely no medication available to counter act it. Remember to bring enough pain medication and have you or your party monitor oversee how much you’re taking and how frequently you’re taking it.

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