Pain and Dehydration

Pain and Dehydration

Expensive medicines and complicated procedures can take the backseat to the ultimate tool for back pain relief. Internet forums and blogs are blowing up with testimonials that drinking more water actually reduces back pain. Experts tell us that drinking around 10 eight-ounce glasses of water each day is necessary for a healthy diet. However, water is out-chosen to other beverages like soda.

At American Spine, patients are encouraged to drink water several times a day. Our body weight is comprised of about 60 percent water and is used in practically all of our bodily functions. Dehydration reduces the necessary nutrients our body needs to get rid of toxins, and can increase pain symptoms.

Our spine is made up of intervertebral discs. Inside each disc is a gel-like substance that absorbs shock to the spine, and protects vertebrae from rubbing against one another. Every day, the discs become dehydrated after usage. When our bodies move (standing, sitting, moving around) the discs press together and some of the liquid squeezes out. After a good night’s rest, a person will have regained the disc fluid.

If our body is deprived of water, we are unable to perform even the simplest of every day tasks.  When a disc becomes dehydrated it is unable to absorb shock and more weight will be placed on the exterior of the disc. This may cause a fracture and liquid to seep out. From this, nerve pain can ensure.

Drinking the proper amount of water each day will improve disc function and reduce a person’s chances of back pain. If you suffer from a herniated disc or degenerated disc, drinking water will reduce back pain and keep the fluids in the spine hydrated.

Some people speculate the dehydration can cause muscle pain. Electrolytes control muscle activity and if there is less liquid in the blood, then there are less electrolytes and nutrients sent to the muscles. Research suggests that an imbalance of electrolytes isn’t directly associated with dehydrated muscles.

Either way, drinking water is always good. Water flushes out toxins in the body and keeps our muscles strong and healthy.

If you are experience back pain a specialist at American Spine will help design an effective treatment plan and recommend every patient to drink plenty of water! Too much is never enough.

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