Most Common Age for Migraines

Most Common Age for Migraines

Migraine is not prejudice and affects people of all ages; however, there are certain age groups that are impacted by migraines most. The team at American Spine provides a wide variety of treatment options for those suffering from migraine headache and is sharing information regarding age and migraines. 

According to The Migraine Trust, migraine is most common in the 30 to 40 age group, but can occur for the first time in your teens or early 20s. Moreover, the organization found 90 percent of people will experience a migraine attack before the age of 40. If you’ve never had a migraine before, or are not sure if your current headache is in fact a migraine, below are some of the usual symptoms:

  • Throbbing pain
  • Sensitivity to light and sound
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Vomiting

Apart the symptoms that occur during the migraine, there is a chance you’ll experience an “aura” before your impending migraine headache. Auras are different for everybody, but for the most part, signs of an “aura” include: changes in sight, tunnel vision, seeing dark colored spots, “sparkles” or zigzag lines, as well as feeling numb, weak, or dizzy. You may also feel like the room or things around you are spinning. Additionally, memory changes, partial paralysis and/or fainting have been known to occur.

If you already experience migraine, there could potentially be good news for you. According to studies conducted by The Migraine Trust, migraines may diminish for 40 percent of individuals over the age of 65. Nevertheless, there is also a chance individuals over the age of 65 who have never experienced a migraine before, will later in life. This is rare though, and an underlying disease may be responsible for this.

There are things you can do to reduce the affects of migraine headaches. The team at American Spine is here to help you with this, and provides three levels of treatment: preventative, acute and rescue. Talk to the doctors about what each level could mean for you, whether it be medication or pain management therapies, or conservative treatment options. Call us today!

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