Medial Branch Block and Facet Joint Injection Treatment

Medial Branch Block and Facet Joint Injection Treatment

We use our backs with practically every movement we make. Bending, twisting, dancing, and running are all possible with the strength and support of our spine. Facet joints are located between each vertebrae and support the spine with such movements. If our spine sustains an injury or develops arthritis, these small joints become irritated and radiate pain. This pain may even radiate all the way down the spine, into the buttocks, around the hips, and across the back of the thighs. Sometimes, the pain radiates upwards into our necks.

Luckily, this pain can be managed. At American Spine, Dr. Sial and the American Spine team are equipped with the best treatments and techniques to manage pain and give patients a better quality of life. With locations in Murrieta, Corona, and Rancho Cucamonga, American Spine is able to offer care to suffering patients in surrounding California communities.

A facet joint injection and a medical branch block are two similar procedures to treat facet joint complications. A facet joint injection allows the insertion of a local anesthetic and corticosteroid medication into the facet joint to decrease inflammation and irritation. Usually, a facet joint injection relieves pain for several months, and is available for multiple injection sessions upon the approval of your physician.

A medial branch block is similar to a facet joint injection, except it delivers pain medication outside of the joint space. The medial branch nerve supplies the facet joint and carries out pain signals from the facet joints to and from the brain. Typically, Dr. Sial will perform two medical branch blocks (several days apart). The first session involves the injection a local anesthetic into the medial branch nerve space. The second session involves the insertion of another local anesthetic. These procedures are used for diagnostic purposes only. This means, Dr. Sial orders them to determine where the pain stems from and which nerves are responsible for facet joint complications. If pain relief is achieved with a medial branch block, a permanent procedure, such as radiofrequency ablation, will be discussed.

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