The Link Between Chronic Pain And Anxiety: Treat Both Together

The Link Between Chronic Pain And Anxiety: Treat Both Together

It comes as no surprise that chronic pain could lead to anxiety disorders. The muscle tension that won’t loosen up, the constant headache that won’t go away: these symptoms have the ability to cause severe stress and worry for people who suffer with them. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America explains the common connection between anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders in people with arthritis and chronic headaches. At American Spine, patients can guarantee the utmost attention and dedication to designing appropriate treatment plans to avoid further complications with stress and anxiety.

Patients often do not report their symptoms of depression to their pain doctor. Whether people are just not aware that the two are in some cases directly linked, these situations are not being appropriately taken care of. Those who suffer from chronic pain are definitely more vulnerable to more severe symptoms. However, there are some solutions to treat pain and anxiety together:

Medication- There are some medications that can effectively treat, say, fibromyalgia with a serotonin reuptake inhibitor which is an antidepressant. In the same sense, there are medications that should be avoided because they could worsen the anxiety disorder. It is important to consult with your doctor about all your symptoms to best appropriately design a treatment plan that will alleviate pain and stress.

Relaxation techniques- Some breathing exercises or muscle relaxation therapies are utilized for patients to cope with their stress and pain. Even a simple workout will get your mind off of your symptoms if they are constantly distracting you from everyday activities.

Alternative treatments- Patients can seek treatment through yoga, acupuncture, or massage to relieve stress and chronic pain.

People who have an anxiety disorder on top of chronic pain need to report all of their symptoms and triggers to their physician immediately. Make detailed notes of stress triggers and environmental and emotional changes when your mood levels change. A pain doctor may be able to consult with a mental health professional to team up and better treat pain and depression.

American Spine gladly accepts new patients and is prepared to treat patients who suffer from chronic pain and anxiety. To find out more about your chronic pain and mental health concerns, contact a staff member at American Spine today!

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