IV Lidocaine Treatment: When Other Treatments Have Failed

IV Lidocaine Treatment: When Other Treatments Have Failed

IV Lidocaine therapy is a form of treatment for chronic pain when other therapies have been ineffective. This local anesthetic is typically used to treat painful conditions including neuralgia, chronic diabetic neuropathy, vascular headaches, RSD (reflex sympathetic dystrophy), and post herpetic pain. Many chronic pain patients have a condition called central pain syndrome; a neurological condition developed from damaged to the CNS (central nervous system).

At American Spine, our focus is offering effective treatment that is efficient and safe. Intravenous (IV) lidocaine therapy is an effective treatment used to treat central pain syndrome with both sedative and analgesic effects. If your pain condition has not been improved with other therapies, talk to your American Spine physician about IV therapy.

The lidocaine is administered intravenously after the patient has determined the baseline of their pain level. Your physician will monitor your vital signs throughout the therapy session. This monitoring includes ECG, blood pressure, pulse, respiration, and oxygen levels. The entire procedure should take about an hour from set-up to discharge, with the lidocaine infusion taking about 30 minutes. However, American Spine will not discharge a patient until all side effects have subsided.

Before the therapy session, we recommend patients determine a person who can drive them home after the procedure. Be sure you are getting plenty of fluids before and after your treatment, and follow medication instructions determined by your physician. People who receive IV lidocaine treatment report a 50 percent improvement in their pain levels immediately after their therapy session, with pain relief lasting up to three weeks. American Spine will monitor your pain levels after your lidocaine infusion to determine the effectiveness.

Fore more information on IV lidocaine treatment, contact an American Spine representative today. Don’t let failed treatment deter your motivation for pain relief.

At American Spine, we are dedicated to treating chronic pain and spine conditions. Offering the latest in minimally invasive spine surgery and other effective treatment options, American Spine is the leading pain physician group of California. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call us at (951)-734-PAIN (7246)

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