How Facet Joint Injections Can Help Your Back Pain

How Facet Joint Injections Can Help Your Back Pain

How Facet Joint Injections Can Help Your Back Pain

Facet joints are located at every level of the spine and exist to provide ample flexibility and stabilization to each vertebrae. When a facet joint becomes arthritic or develops osteoarthritis, significant back pain will ensue. This condition is called facet joint syndrome. It is painful, debilitating, and can certainly make anyone miserable.

At American Spine, Dr. Sial and the team work to fix debilitating spine conditions including facet joint syndrome, relieve pain, and return a better quality of life to each patient. With the best treatments and techniques, American Spine is the leading pain management center on the west coast, serving suffering patients across California.

One of the greatest treatments to treat facet joint syndrome is facet joint injections. These therapeutic and diagnostic treatments manage unruly chronic pain from facet joint syndrome or osteoarthritis and help physicians identify the source of a patient’s pain.

During a facet joint injection session, your physician uses an x-ray tool called a fluoroscopic guide to accurately see and target an affected joint(s). Combined with a local anesthetic and a corticosteroid medication, the facet joint injection is inserted into the spine through a small poke into the patient’s skin. Once the injection has reached the facet joint, the medication is released and the procedure is over.

This outpatient procedure usually has little pain. To accommodate an uncomfortable patient, the local anesthetic is applied. The procedure should take only 20 to 30 minutes and should also provide long lasting pain relief. The doctor will recommend how frequently the patient should have facet joint injections. Usually, the patient will receive three injections within a six-month time period.

This treatment is a safe and effective alternative to surgery. We recommend patients take it easy for the rest of the day after the procedure, as it may promote soreness to the neck. However, the pain relief benefits far outweigh the little soreness the patient may experience in the two days following the procedure.

If you suffer from crippling back pain and believe it may be the result of osteoarthritis or facet joint syndrome, contact Dr. Sial or anyone and American Spine for an expert evaluation today.

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