FDA Investigating Birth Control That May Cause Chronic Pain

FDA Investigating Birth Control That May Cause Chronic Pain

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  • The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are investigating claims that “Essure,” a birth control device, causes a number of adverse effects including chronic pain.
  • Essure is marketed as a nonsurgical, permanent birth control implant that is an alternative to tubal ligation. 
  • The pain management physicians at American Spine are sharing this chronic pain-related news with patients who may be using the birth control Essure.

According to BABW News, the FDA is investigating claims that the birth control product Essure causes a number of negative health issues including chronic pain, bleeding, allergic reactions, and headaches. There will be a panel meeting held today (Sept. 24th) to determine the safety and efficacy of the birth control implant. Essure is considered an alternative form of birth control for women not wanting to undergo tubal ligation, a surgical procedure that prevents pregnancy permanently.

The team at American Spine wants patients to remain aware of potential hazards to their health, which may include the possibility of complications from a medication or procedure. Given this recent chronic-pain related news from the FDA, the team felt it was necessary to warn patients of possible side effects as well as what should be done if a patient is experiencing adverse effects from this particular product.

According to the 90-page review, patients using Essure have reported symptoms of chronic pain, fatigue, weight gain, and depression since 2013, even though the implant has been around for nearly 13 years. With a surge in complaints about Essure from various sources, including social media sites, the FDA has asked health experts to discuss the safety of this birth control implant.

If you are using Essure and have experienced some of these side effects, talk to your prescribing physician or report your side effects to the FDA.  

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