Endoscopic Foraminotomy

Endoscopic Foraminotomy

Intervertebral foramina are the spaces in the spinal canal that allow nerve roots to exit. For some people, pressure is put on the spinal column by means such as bone spurs, disc fragments, scar tissue, or an excess ligament, causing extreme nerve pain.  Spinal nerve compression can limit the ability to perform everyday activities, restrain movements, and cause debilitating pain. Conditions such as spinal arthritis, bone spurs, herniated discs, or foraminal stenosis can all cause nerve compression, depending on the patient’s case.

At American Spine, we understand the importance of a proper diagnosis. We want each patient to be offered an effective treatment plan that is timely and efficient. Neuropathy and nerve compression conditions can be treated with an endoscopic foraminotomy by one of our skilled surgeons.

Before considering surgical intervention, our experts ensure that conservative treatments such as medication, physical therapy, and steroid injections, cant help the patient. If these treatments cannot provide any benefit, surgery may be recommended. For an endoscopic foraminotomy procedure, the surgeon uses thin needles to remove the obstruction from the spinal canal, making more room for the nerves. This relieves pressure and can provide pain relief immediately. It is a minimally invasive procedure, requiring little to no hospital stay and far less blood loss.

Patients will receive a local anesthetic and IV sedation prior to the surgery. A small incision is then made, and a thin tube is passed through. The surgeon is able to operate through the tube, using minimally invasive technology and aid. Most patients can go home the same day as the procedure and could have pain relief within 24 hours.

The endoscopic foraminotomy procedure can allow patients to get back to their normal activities immediately, but our staff recommends patients take it easy for the next week to ensure proper healing. For more information on this procedure and what other treatments we offer to patients suffering with spinal arthritis or herniated discs, contact a medical professional at American Spine, today!

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