Does Coffee Affect My Back Pain?

Does Coffee Affect My Back Pain?

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  • Articles published throughout the Internet claim coffee is bad for back pain, but is it really?
  • Researchers at the University of Ottawa in Canada investigated the affects of caffeine and pain.
  • The team at American Spine shares what caffeine does to the body and how it may affect your pain.

Many holistic websites and other lifestyle blogs are claiming caffeine can lead to body stiffness and joint paint, but is that information true? Researchers at the University of Ottawa in Ottawa, Canada created a retrospective chart to review the affects caffeine had on 131 patients with chronic low back pain. The patient participants had a mean age of 42 years and mean duration of pain of 6 years.

The participants were classified as either low, moderate or high caffeine consumers, and they self-reported their daily coffee, tea and cola consumption. Investigators found the following results:

  • There was no significant differences among the three categories (low, moderate, high) for measure of pain severity, affective distress, anxiety-related symptoms or sleeping behavior.

  • Interestingly enough, the high caffeine users were more likely to be tobacco smokers than low caffeine users with their percentages being 79% and 27%, respectively.

  • The researchers concluded the following: “dietary caffeine consumption is not related to the global experience of pain and disability in patients with chronic low back pain, although high caffeine use may be embedded in a context of other unhealthy life-style behaviors.”

Given the research, it’s safe to assume caffeine, in general, does not affect chronic low back pain. However, if you’re experiencing significant pain and are willing to test this theory on your own, there is no harm in cutting out caffeine consumption and seeing what it does for you.

If you are experiencing significant chronic low back pain though, you may want to see a pain specialist, like the ones at American Spine. There, physicians will full evaluate your pain and recommend treatment options that have the potential to provide significant relief.

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