Bad Posture Leads to Further Back Problems

Bad Posture Leads to Further Back Problems

“Sit up straight!” was probably a staple rule from your childhood as your parents warned you about the effects of slouching over. Let’s face it, our parents were right. Good posture has been proven to contribute to a multitude of health benefits such as improving emotional instability and reducing back and joint pain. Good posture is more than standing with your shoulders back, however, and the specialists at American Spine are here to show patients how to be successful in improving posturing and relieving back pain.

American Spine currently has four locations in California; Corona, Fallbrook, Murrieta, and Rancho Cucamonga. Dr. Sial, Dr. Kelling, and Dr. Fisher are able to put their expertise and experience in pain management together to best treat patients who suffer from acute and chronic pain. While treatment will vary from patient to patient, lifestyle modifications can improve the vitality in treatment outcomes.

One of these beneficial lifestyle changes that every pain patient can implement into treatment is posture. The key is to maintain good body alignment, having your ears parallel to your shoulders, shoulders parallel to the hips, and the hips parallel to the knees and ankles. With good body alignment, your body weight is distributed evenly on the feet, taking pressure off of the spine.

According to Allston Stubbs, an orthopedic surgeon with Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, N.C, “the spine and overall skeletal structure [is] critical to a patient’s functionality and their satisfaction with their life and health care.” Poor posture is often the result of obesity and inadequate muscle tone. Thus, improving posture has to be done simultaneously with adjusting a diet and strengthening muscles.

Kyphosis is a common posture problem and often develops from spending copious amounts of time on the computer. Kyphosis characteristics are hunched shoulders, tightened pectoral muscles, extended neck and head, and a misaligned spine. Many jobs in America require people to sit at a desk for long periods of time during the workday. This in turn, leads to multiple back and spine disorders, leading to bad standing posture.

The Wall Street Journal recently released an article describing the ongoing effects of bad sitting posture and the correlation to bad standing posture. To learn more about the effect’s of bad posture and to see what actual studies reveal, visit

Bad posture and lack of exercise can lead to an assembly of health problems including bad mood, depression, obesity, arthritis, and much more. If you would like to learn ways to improve your posture and relieve back pain, contact the professionals at American Spine for help.

At American Spine, we are dedicated to treating chronic pain and spine conditions. Offering the latest in minimally invasive spine surgery and other effective treatment options, American Spine is the leading pain physician group of California. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call us at (951)-734-PAIN (7246).

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