Alcohol Consumption and Disability from Chronic Pain

Alcohol Consumption and Disability from Chronic Pain

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  • According to researchers at the University of Aberdeen’s Institute of Applied Sciences, regular alcohol consumption may curb some chronic pain symptoms.
  • Despite these findings, its important patients take this information with a grain of salt. Drinking too much could have devastating effects on your health.
  • The pain management specialists at American Spine explain results from the study and why alcohol shouldn’t be used as an alternative for treatment.

A study conducted by researchers at the University of Aberdeen’s Institute of Applied Sciences investigated the effects of alcohol on patients with chronic widespread pain (CWP). The study found patients who regularly consumed alcohol had only slightly lower pain levels compared to those who didn’t drink as much, if any, alcohol.

Although alcohol consumption did lead to less disability from chronic pain for some of the test subjects, patients of American Spine should not rely on it as a form of treatment. Resorting to alcohol over other more effective pain management techniques could have devastating effects on your overall health and wellbeing. To lower your disability from chronic pain, there are a few treatment options you could implement into your pain management routine.

To start, combining interventional pain therapies with pain medication may ease disability from pain. If you’re already doing this, try incorporating complementary therapies such as acupuncture, massage, exercise and other “alternative” techniques into your treatment plan.

Having said that, it’s important you inform your physician at American Spine if you’ve sought, or are interested in seeking, alternative therapies for pain management. This helps our team coordinate your care better and ensure you’re receiving treatment that complements all pain management techniques.

Other strategies may include physical therapy, exercise, a healthy diet and highly advanced treatment options such as platelet-rich plasma injections and stem cell therapy. Talk to your American Spine physician about additional pain management techniques for your chronic pain condition.

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