Aerobic Exercise Best Weapon Against Fibromyalgia

Aerobic Exercise Best Weapon Against Fibromyalgia

Despite the title, treating fibromyalgia should be an individualized process. Every patient is different, and because little is known about the condition, it’s best to consult your doctor about appropriate treatment options. That being said, research conducted by the European League Against Rheumatism Congress 2014 has indicated that aerobic exercise may be the most effective treatment option for patients with fibromyalgia.

"There is no magic drug against fibromyalgia and, in my opinion, there will never be,” said investigator of the study Winfried Häuser, MD, from Technische Universität München in Germany.

“Psychotherapists don't work miracles, but psychotherapy can help and, in a few cases, turn people with fibromyalgia into non-patients. Drugs may help, but patients don't like them... Aerobic exercise is the most effective weapon we have; healthy people profit from continuous physical exercise, and so do patients with fibromyalgia," Häuser continued.

Much like Dr. Häuser, the specialists at American Spine advocate for personalizing the patient’s treatment plan based on their symptoms, patient history, financial situation, willingness to pursue traditional and nontraditional therapies, etc. Moreover, considering treatment options that do not involve, or minimally involve prescription pain medication is key.

The study stated that mild forms of fibromyalgia can be managed with positive reinforcements from loved ones as well as physical and mental activities guided by a trained medical professional. For those suffering from moderate forms of fibromyalgia, consistent aerobic exercise with limited use of prescription pain medication is recommended. Severe fibromyalgia patients may benefit from a combination of aerobic exercise, psychological and/or psychopharmalogic treatment.

Again, every treatment method should be tailored to the patient. There typically aren’t any negative effects associated with exercise, unless you’re over-exerting yourself and/or doing certain exercises incorrectly, therefore you should consider adding some kind of exercise regimen into your daily routine. Talk to your American Spine physician prior to doing so. Also, consider discussing some of the therapies offered at American Spine to manage your fibromyalgia symptoms.

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