Acute Cervical Strain

Acute Cervical Strain

Acute neck pain usually develops after long periods of looking up, down, or turning the head to the side. Sometimes, neck pain isn’t from any particular incident other than waking up one day with a “crick” or “wry neck.” Whatever the situation may be, neck pain is often described as feeling sharp, especially when the head is in a certain position. Along with serious pain, many patients will have muscle spasms that can limit their ability to drive, look around, or raise the arms over their head.

An acute cervical strain can be the cause of any type of trauma such as a sports or whiplash injury. However, this condition is usually unexplained which suggests the patient is using excessive movement in the neck joints called facet joints. Poor muscle control or instability can be from poor posture while standing and sitting or the inappropriate use of the shoulder and neck muscles.

At American Spine, our medical staff treats every patient with the same amount of compassion and dedication. Acute neck pain can be just as interrupting as back pain and is cared for with a number of treatment options. Manual therapy such as joint mobilization, deep tissue mobilization, and muscular retraining can significantly improve neck pain.

Your American Spine doctor will assess the patient to determine what the underlying cause of the cervical strain may be. Often times sleeping habits, neck weakness, postural stress, and areas of stiffness are treated to long term relief and to avoid re-injury. An exercise program may be individualized for the patient to focus on strengthening the neck and postural muscles of the shoulders. Ice and electrical stimulation may be utilized to help reduce inflammation an pain.

In June 2013, Forbes Magazine reported on the texting epidemic. Their reported suggested that people who are constantly on their phones are more likely to have neck pain than those who are not. The article says, “83 percent of subjects reported some hand and neck pain during texting – but also displayed other signs of tension, like holding their breath and increased heart rates.” So while smartphones are indefinitely an essential part of our everyday lives, it may be costing us more in the long run.

To read more about similar studies conducted on neck pain and texting, read the full article here If you or someone you know suffers from a cervical neck strain and needs treatment, call a American Spine representative today and get the care you deserve! 

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