Active Release Technique for Sports Injuries

Active Release Technique for Sports Injuries

Being active is just as important as maintaining a healthy diet. Participating in sports and playing on a team is one of the best ways to stay healthy, active, and in shape while having fun. Sometimes, though, your body will be vulnerable to pain and injury. By overworking your muscles or not properly warming up before a game, your body is at a higher risk of falling victim to an injury. Luckily, American Spine is equipped with a skilled medical staff that is experienced in treating patients with sports injuries.

There are many forms of action to take for treating a sports related injury. Whether your problem calls for physical therapy, massage, acupuncture, etc, a plan can be created and altered with your physician to best tackle your problem and alleviate pain as quickly as possible. One of the most widely used forms of treatment for sports related injuries is the Active Release Technique (ART). This treatment, that is typically used to treat chronic and acute back pain, is a patented soft tissue technique. It treats problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, and nerves. Patients who receive ART treatment usually do so for overused muscles, muscle spasms, scar tissue, or loss of function in a specific area of their body.

During the treatment, the patient and physician work and move together on the affected body region by applying pressure or keeping some sort of contact. Neck stretches, hamstring stretches, side-lying stretches, and seated mid-back stretches are characteristic moves that a physician has the patient do under the control of his hands. Among these moves, there are around 500 more. Athletes, chronic pain patients, and people who are looking for relief other than conventional treatments will usually find pain relief through ART.

If you are suffering from a sports injury, or have low back pain, consult with your physician. The staff at American Spine offer many different treatment options for patients with chronic pain and who have endured a sports injury. To find out more about Active Release Technique go online or schedule an appointment at American Spine today!

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