Posted on April 03, 2017 by Rachel Cohen
Ohio Governor John Kasich recently announced a new initiative to reduce the amount of opioids being prescribed by primary care physicians and dentists. This new order has been put in place to help combat the opioid epidemic that is currently sweeping the nation. This order does not apply to patients who require opioids for cancer pain or terminal illnesses. Moreover, this law should have little effect on patients with chronic illnesses that may require a prescribed dosage of pain medications for relief. 
The new rule ensures primary care...
Posted on March 31, 2016 by Rachel Cohen

This Blog Covers:

  • More reports have come out regarding the negative health effects of smartphones, tablets, and other digital gadgets for the spine.
  • In a previous blog, we wrote about the dangers of “texting neck” ( for patients who are constantly looking down at their cell phones or tablets.
  • In this blog, the spine specialists at American Spine discuss how excess gadget use leads to hunched backs...
Posted on March 24, 2016 by Rachel Cohen

This Blog Covers:

  • Platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections are a relatively new treatment option for patients with chronic pain, a musculoskeletal condition, or post-surgical wound.
  • American Spine is one of the few practices in the area that offers PRP injections for patients after spine surgery. The team has witnessed great success with this treatment option.
  • In this blog, the spine specialists at American Spine discuss the difference between PRP injections and stem cell therapy.

If you’ve heard of PRP, there’s a chance you’ve...